Everyone can become a defender, whether you have one day or an entire academic year.
Here are a few examples of how you can support students in their efforts to be defender.
Have a strategy
  • Identify the problem to be addressed
  • Research the problem: Why is this a problem, and what solutions have been tried?
  • What change is required?
  • Define actions steps and specific target audiences - who can make the change happen?
  • How can the group involve other supporters?
  • How will the impact of the group's efforts be measured?
1 DAY:  If you have one day to take action, select an action that is simple and focused, such as writing letters or organizing an information day at your school.
1 WEEK: If you have a week to take action, focus on an event or program that builds over the week from awareness to action.
Organize a week for effecting change.  Over the course of the week, begin by educating your target community on the issue and then provide a series of actions people can take.
1 SEMESTER: If you have a term to take action, build a program that integrates your classroom learning with a comprehensive, multi-layered project.  Consider designing a human rights-based service learning project.

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